Fleece Johnson Wikipedia, Height, Career and Where is Fleece Johnson Now?

Fleece Johnson, a controversial American prisoner, made a huge uproar in the news for his egregious crimes. His crimes involved armed robbery as well as s*xually assaulting 157 of his male inmates and officers in prison.

This infamous person, known as the “Booty Warrior,” spent 44 years in prison. Now he is sharing his opinion in interviews.

Fleece Johnson was featured in many documentaries and shows. His crimes even inspired an episode in an animated show called The Boondocks. Although he is notorious, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

People might know him for his horrible misdeeds, but the name of this person triggers some questions about his life. The audience might want to know more about Fleece Johnson and what led to his crime.

However, to know more about his crime, check out the article. This article has everything from Fleece Johnson’s Wikipedia to his height, scandals, and where he is now.

About Fleece Johnson

NameFleece Johnson (Fleece “The Booty Warrior” Johnson)
Known ForInfamous Prisoner
Initial Sentence10 years for armed robbery in 1979
Total Time Served44 years
Additional ChargesPrison sexual involvement, first-degree violence, assaulting a prison officer

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Who is Fleece Johnson?

Fleece Johnson, aka “The Booty Warrior,” is infamous for his outrageous crimes involving s*xual assault on his fellow inmates in prison. Although a notorious prisoner, there is not much information about his past.

Much to his crime, his family background and childhood are unknown. According to records, Fleece Johnson was born in 1957 in Kentucky, USA.

Fleece Johnson Wikipedia 1

This violent individual has many crime records under his name. He was first arrested for armed robbery in 1979 when he was 22 years old.

Initially, 10 years in prison at Kentucky State Penitentiary, with full security, was not enough; his predatory crimes started in prison as well. His sentence was extended to 44 years due to his violent s*xual behaviour in prison against his inmates.

How tall is Fleece Johnson?

There is no official information about the criminal Fleece Johnson. It is estimated that he is 5’11”. He is of Black American ethnicity.

Booty Warrior And Main Antagonist Of The Boondocks Explained

Fleece Johnson caught a lot of media attention after the 2008 MSNBC interview. In 2010, his crime was featured in the parodied animated show, “The Boondocks”.

In the episode called “A Date with the Booty Warrior,” the character was also named Booty Warrior. It certainly parodied the interview with MSNBC and the Dateline NBC crime documentary, “To Catch A Predator”.

In the episode, the main character, Tom Dubois, has recently conquered the fear of prison r*pe. With much courage, he volunteered for the field trip with the maximum security prison as part of the Sacred Stiff program.

But when a riot broke out, he was forced to face his phobia. The show host, Chris Hansen, and Tom were assaulted by Booty Warrior in the parodied show.

However, Fleece Johnson in real life was honestly upset after watching a bit of the show. He expressed that it was aggravated. He is not like that person from the show.

Fleece Johnson’s Net Worth

Fleece Johnson is a criminal and a s*xual offender. He spends 44 years behind jail bars. Therefore, Fleece Johnson doesn’t have any flashy net worth. However, after release, he again involved himself in the robbery as he didn’t get any job elsewhere.

What is Fleece Johnson famous for?

NameFleece Johnson (Fleece “The Booty Warrior” Johnson)
InfamyAccused of raping about 157 men following his incarceration for armed robbery
Media PortrayalsSubject of many media portrayals, including an appearance on an MSNBC T.V show
PopularityGained popularity after his interview on MSNBC went viral
InfluenceInspired the creation of a character on “The Boondocks”

Fleece Johnson was never shy or regretful about his crime. He didn’t care about his heinous crime as he was already serving a prison sentence. He openly admitted his s*xual orientation.

The fact that he shamelessly acknowledged assaulting 157 male victims during his incarceration made the news very sickening. Although a s*xual offender, he mentioned he doesn’t discriminate between race, age, and facial features.

His shocking confession earned a lot of media attention. In 2008, MSNBC interviewed him in the “Lockup Raw: The Convict Code.” They interviewed him about his views on prison life. The show was made to aware kids choose positive life choices and avoid sentences.

Alert! Fleece Johnson shared some disturbing information about his prison life.

He said that in prison, booty was more important than food and water. Especially a man’s butt. He used to give two choices, the easy way or the hard way. Shocking! Triggering!

The interview documentary went viral on YouTube. It has more than seven million views.

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Fleece Johnson Wikipedia

The infamous Fleece Johnson might have garnered a lot of attention in media and the internet but he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. Likewise, a predatory criminal like him shouldn’t have the right to have a Wikipedia page.

How did Fleece Johnson start his Professional Career?

There is rarely any information about his professional life. It is rumoured that he was a boxer and a wrestler before being convicted of crimes.

Initial Sentence10 years for armed robbery in 1979
Total Time Served44 years
ReleaseReleased after serving 40 years

Fleece Johnson Family Background

The serial convict, Fleece Johnson, doesn’t have any valid information about his family background. Some reports claimed that his father was also a serial criminal and a terrorist. It inspired Fleece to commit offences at a tender age. Due to this, his mother left him at a young age.

Some reports also claimed that he had a wife after his release from prison. Although, there is no valid information about his wife.

Where is Fleece Johnson now?

In 1979 Fleece Johnson served his first jail term for 10 years for the crime of armed robbery. The court extended his jail term for an additional 18 years in 1987. The Kentucky court sentenced him for “Wanton Endangerment” and “1st Degree Assault”.

Fleece Johnson Wikipedia 2

In the Kentucky Law, “Wanton endangerment is defined as engaging in conduct that creates a substantial danger of serious physical injury or death to another person.”

In 1990, Johnson was again charged with the crime of assaulting a Corrections Officer four times. Therefore, an additional 20 years of sentence.

He was given parole multiple times, but they were all denied due to his s*xual crimes against inmates. Shockingly, from 1981 to 2013, he was up for parole 13 times.

In 2015, a panel was set up for parole with the selected date of September 1, 2015. However, his Risk Assessment Rating was lower than the required numbers for granting parole.

There is multiple contradictory information about his prison release and his whereabouts now. Some reports claimed that he was released from prison in 2016. However, he was arrested for armed robbery once again.

Some reports also claimed that he s*xually assaulted and killed a guard to escape prison. According to some news, Fleece Johnson was never released from jail.

Whatever the truth is, Johnson’s heinous crime should never be forgiven. Hopefully, he is convicted again in a prison cell as a predator like him shouldn’t roam unrestricted.

FAQS about Fleece Johnson

Where Does Fleece Johnson Live?

Fleece Johnson’s whereabouts are unknown. He was released from prison but arrested once again for robbery.

What show was Fleece Johnson on?

Fleece Johnson was in the documentary by MSNBC and the animated parody, The Boondocks.

Does Fleece Johnson have social media?

Fleece Johnson does not have any social media.

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