Delicious in Dungeon Episode 11: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

The latest episode of Delicious in Dungeon anime ended with a satisfying yet surprising ending. The Fantasy anime has made a big impression among quite a few dedicated fans.

After the latest interesting episode, fans can not wait for the next one. Delicious in Dungeon episode 11 is scheduled to drop on March 14, 2024, at 10 pm JST.

In the latest episode, episode 9 ended with some discoveries. The new party that arrived were not willing to help unless they returned something.

Senshi and Namari’s party captured the Undine. The two parties eat together when Laios learns from Namari that Shuro, the other former member, may also be trying to find Falin.

Likewise, the next episode will also be an interesting one. Look forward to this article to learn more about Delicious in Dungeon episode 11 release date, time, spoiler and where to watch.

When is Delicious in Dungeon Season 1 Episode 11 coming out?

The anime episodes come out every week on Thursday. Delicious in Dungeon episode 11 is scheduled to come out on Thursday, March 14, 2024, at 10 pm JST. The time may vary according to many regions and countries.

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Delicious in Dungeon Season 1 Episode 11 Countdown

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Delicious in Dungeon episode 11 plot

Global Release Time and Date of Delicious in Dungeon episode 11 release date

Japan Standard Time (JST)Thursday, March 14, 202422:00
Pacific Time (PT)Thursday, March 14, 202405:00
Central Time (CT)Thursday, March 14, 202407:00
Eastern Time (ET)Thursday, March 14, 202408:00
Central European Time (CET)Thursday, March 14, 202414:00
India Standard Time (IST)Thursday, March 14, 202418:30
Philippine Time (PHT)Thursday, March 14, 202421:00

Storyline of Delicious in Dungeon: What is it able to be about?

Delicious in Dungeon is based on a manga of the same name by author and illustrator Ryuko Kui. Enterbrain’s seinen manga magazine Harta serialised this manga in Japanese in 2014.

It continued for 9 years. The manga series just ended recently in September 2023. Yen Press licensed the manga in English in North America. Trigger Studio is making the anime series.

In the fantasy game world of Dungeon Exploration, guild members carry on their missions to raid dungeons. They often go to find the Golden Kingdom in the hope of treasure.

The leader “Tallman” the Swordsman, Laios and his guild members set out to find the treasure. These adventurers somehow end up fighting a flame dragon. However, they had to teleport after the dragon ate Laios’s little sister, Falin.

Sadly they left their equipment behind and now they are penniless. Two members left the group leaving only three in the group– the halfling named Chilchuck Tims and an elven spell caster Marcille Donato with leader Laois.

Now, Laois and his team planned again to go to the dungeon to save his sister before the dragon could digest her. They have to figure out the food, weapons and many more.

While they had no money left, Laois insisted team members sustain life by eating the dungeon monsters. The remaining two reluctantly agreed but as expected it tasted really bad. The team went inside to find food on the first floor of the dungeon.

There, they met a dwarf named Senshi. He has 10 years of experience in cooking monsters and harvesting food. He joined the team and their journey began.

What happened at the end of Delicious in Dungeon Season 1 Episode 1-9?

After the devastating loss in a battle with the red dragon, resulting in the dragon devouring Falin, Laios, Mercille and Chilchuck return to the dungeon. They came back to save Falin before the dragon completely consumed Falin.

However, they met a veteran of monster cookery, Senshi. He joins their party after learning that they seek to fight the red dragon.

In episode 2, they hunted Basilisk. They tried to harvest mandrake when they were attacked by bat monsters. Defeating those, they enjoyed basilisk egg omelettes with mandrake.

They moved on to the next floor, and the area was filled with booby traps. Senshi purposely puts a hot oil trap and eventually cooks mandrake and bat meat kakiage.

In episode 3, Laios and the team accidentally enter where suits of the Armour congregated. They suspect that the armour is not a monster but rather controlled by something. Laios confronts the large armour, and in the process, his damaged sword gets destroyed.

Later Laios defeated the large Armour and the smaller armour came out to be just the mollusks. So Senshi cooked them in several ways. Laios ends up taking large Armour’s stronger sword.

In episode 4, Laios’ party arrives on the third floor where Senshi takes them to his secret vegetable garden. He revealed the floor was filled with golems. He demonstrated that by making them healthy it saves the people on the upper floor.

They went to sell the vegetable to the merchant where Orcs attacked the shop. Orcs area was attacked by the red dragon so they are struggling. Mercille and Orcs chief argue due to their species’ conflicts. They somehow manage to mend. The Orc’s chief told Laois the dragon was last seen on floor five.

In episode 5, another group of adventurers, led by Kabru, discovered a treasure box. However, they were found dead. Actually, the treasure they found was a venomous insect, Treasure Bugs. They defeated and ate the bugs, making fried snacks.

Later they were attacked by ghosts. Senshi had a plan. He drove away the ghosts using his version of holy water. The ghosts dispersed while their coldness made Holy water into ice cream aka Exorcist Sorbet.

In episode 6, Laios was starving. While hunting for food in the pictures he eventually angered a mysterious elf who protects Prince Delgal. Those foods were not real which led them to stay hungry even more.

Delicious in Dungeon episode 11 spoilers

In the next part, Chilchuk is lured by a treasure bug into the mimic’s room, whom he hates. He got trapped. He escaped the Mimic while it got crushed when the door opened on it. Senshi cooked it as they discovered the mimic was just a giant crab.

In episode 7, Kabru’s party was resurrected. They thought they were killed by Laios’ party. Laios’ party now has to cross the lake. Senshi revealed magic doesn’t work on him as the monster’s blood and oil have covered his beard for a long time. Kabru’s party died once again, drowned by mermaids.

Mercille made soap from Kelpie fat. Senshi finally bathed with that after so long. The team crossed the lake encountering a vicious monster.

In episode 8, Mercille recalls the time when Falin was a young student. Mercille accompanied her when she realised the dungeon may be chaotic but equally balanced. Making a dungeon one by herself would be complex while she pays respect to the sorcerer who made this dungeon.

While they are very close to the dragon, Chilchuk decides they should camp there. Mercille got angry while missing other girl members.

A few scenes later Mercille accidentally angers the Undine. She ran out of magic while escaping from it and suffered a high blood loss. Senshi feeds her food high in iron. She gets angry when others are eating tastier meats.

In episode 9, a new party joins them which includes a former member of Laios’ team, Namari. The party containing a healer named Mr Tansu, was not eager to help without anything in return. While they went ahead they were attacked by the Undine.

Eventually, Mr Tansu helped recover Mercille. The two parties plotted together to defeat the Undine with Senshi’s mighty cooking pot. Before departing, Namari tells them that their other member Shuro might be trying to save Falin as he is deeply in love with her.

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What will happen in Season Episode 11 spoilers and expectations?

In the last episode, Mercille was completely healed and the other party also had a good adventurous lesson with them. The whole team is ready to work hard with their rescue mission.

Laios and the party are completely healed to go ahead with their adventure. From the scenario, we can predict that they will continue with their mission to the next floor to rescue Falin from the dragon.

As per the series’ usual scenario, an obstacle will surely be in their path. Laios and the party might confront a new monster. It might delay the time even more in their mission to rescue Falin.

Who will be part of Delicious in Dungeon?

CharacterVoice by
LaiosKentarô Kumagai
ChilchuckAsuna Tomari
MarcilleSayaka Senbongi
MarcilleEmily Rudd
LaiosDamien C. Haas
SenshiHiroshi Naka
SenshiSungWon Cho

Will There Be a Season 2 Of Delicious In Dungeon?

Delicious in Dungeon season 2 has not been announced yet. Due to the continuation of season 1, the producers can not convey anything at this moment.

The original manga has 14 volumes in total. Season 1 will not be able to cover all of them in just one season. So if the production wants to continue we can predict that they will renew the series.

Moreover, as with the fantasy cooking series, the audience enjoys the cooking scenes as well as the storyline. It is very comforting and relaxing to watch. The series has quite a good rating, enough to make a comeback.

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How many episodes will be in Delicious in Dungeon?

Delicious in Dungeon will have a total of 26 episodes. It is set to air in two consecutive cours. The anime is currently halfway there, only in episode 9. So there is a long way to go for this anime to finish.

Where can you watch The Show?

Streaming Giant Netflix has licensed the show Delicious in Dungeon. The anime airs in Japan on Tokyo MX, Sun, KBS, TVA and many more subsidiaries. International audiences can stream the anime Delicious in Dungeon only on Netflix.

Is there any news of the “Delicious in Dungeon Season 1” trailer?

FAQ About Delicious in Dungeon

1. Who is the creator of Delicious in Dungeon?

The creators are Kui Ryôko, Kimiko Ueno.

2. Where can i watch Delicious in Dungeon?

You can watch Delicious in Dungeon on Netflix.

3. What is the genre of Delicious in Dungeon?

Delicious in Dungeon is a Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy.

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