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The movie Broad Peak is impressive in terms of how effectively it was made. Netflix has announced that the English-language streaming premiere of Broad Peak 2022 will take place on September 14, 2022. The setting, the tale, and the performers all played significant roles. A few days ago, the first episode of “Broad Peak” became available on Netflix. I recommend that you check this out and come to your judgment about it if you are in the mood for an entertaining extreme sports movie with a lot more to offer.

Broad Peak Movie Overview

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Broad Peak Info

Broad Peak (2022)

Broad Peak
  • Movie Name: Broad Peak
  • Writer: Lukasz Ludkowskim, Maciej Rzaczynski, Leszek Dawid
  • Director: Leszek Dawid
  • Cast: Ireneusz Czop, Maja Ostaszewska, Piotr Glowacki
  • Genre: Adventure, Biography, Drama, Thriller
  • Music: Lukasz Targosz
  • Production: East Studio, Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej
  • Producer: Maria Herbich, Dawid Janicki, Pawel Rymarz
  • Country of Origin: Poland
  • Original Language: English
  • Available Languages: English
  • Filming locations: Zakopane, Malopolskie, Poland
  • Available On: Netflix
  • Release Date: September 14, 2022

Parents Guide for Broad Peak

Parents should know the Broad Peak Age Rating since they decide if their child should watch a movie, TV show, or series. The Broad Peak Age Rating was created by Broad Peak to help parents make informed decisions about the media their children consume. The film has received a rating of TV-MA for “Drama and Thriller,” which indicates that some of the material may not be appropriate for all children.

Storyline Of Broad Peak

The documentary Broad Peak, which won multiple awards, tells the story of a Polish mountaineer’s attempt to climb one of the mountains with the highest risk of death in the world. In 1988, Maciej Berbeka completed the first winter ascent of Broad Peak, narrowly avoiding certain death.

Twenty-four years later, he receives a phone call from Krzysztof Wielicki, who also took part in the initial mission. After much hesitance, Maciej finally makes up his mind to give it another shot. Maciej Berbeka, a real-life participant in the Ice Warriors, is the inspiration for Maciek’s character in the novel Broad Peak. On any expedition, please take oxygen with you. Good movie, but the loss of life could have been avoided.

Broad Peak Age Rating?

Broad Peak is worth checking out if you are looking for a show-rated TV-MA on Age Rating. We recommend that viewers be 17+ years old before watching Broad Peak. They have an engaging story and plenty of jokes to keep you entertained. It is always important to be aware of the age ratings associated with any movie. By knowing these ratings, you can plan accordingly.

Release Date Of Broad Peak

The Broad Peak movie series on Netflix was released on September 14, 2022. The series is well-done and offers a lot of entertainment for those looking for something new to watch. The Broad Peak movie series is a great option.

What Is The Runtime Of Broad Peak

Broad Peak is a movie that clocks in at 1 hour and 41 minutes. This makes it a great choice for shorter movie sessions or for people who want to spend less time on a movie. The movie is fun and fast, and its short runtime gives you plenty of opportunities for the movie.

Broad Peak OTT Release date

The Broad Peak was released on Netflix on September 14, 2022, in theaters all across the world. On the other hand, after the success of the movie in theaters, the movie was released on OTT platforms on September 14, where Netflix video has the ownership of the rights to stream this video on their platform all across the world.

Review of Broad Peak

The movie Broad Peak is, without a doubt, very beautifully put together. The setting, the tale, and the performances of the actors. A few days ago, the first episode of “Broad Peak” debuted on Netflix. This film was produced in Poland, and I was unfamiliar with any of its actors or actresses. This is excellent in every aspect, beginning to end. The climbing scenes are amazing and horrifying all at the same time.

A significant portion of the movie was shot in the real-life Karakoram mountain range located in Pakistan. The film of that is just incredible to look at. Despite the fact that the tale is rather straightforward, it has been convoluted beyond recognition (it usually is in Polish movies). Along the way, there are also some big plot twists, which is another thing that helps the story along.

Broad Peak Rating on IMDb

Many people who watch the movie live their reviews on IMDb, whether negative or positive. These reviews will be helpful for those audiences who haven’t watched the movie yet, as they will give them a clear picture of whether the movie is worth watching. The movie Broad Peak has an IMDb rating of 5.9/10, and around 646 IMDb users have given this vote.

What parents need to know before going with their kids

parents should consider the rating of a movie before taking their children to see it. With that in mind, some parents may find that the movie is appropriate for their children, while others may not. However, parents should always be aware of what their children are watching and ensure that they are bored or not harmed before allowing them to see a movie.

Tips for Parents Guides

Watching children’s movies and television shows can be a fun and educational experience. Be sure to keep these five tips in mind as you watch:

  • Always check the movie’s or show’s age rating before watching it.
  • First, look for review sites that specialize in Broad Peak-friendly movies.
  • As a parent, many things to remember when watching a movie or television show with your children. Here are six tips to help guide the way.
  • If possible, watch movies that everyone in Broad Peak is interested in.
  • It’s probably not a smart idea to let your children view the movie before you do. Either watch the movie with your kid and talk to them about why they shouldn’t or don’t watch it with them.

Is Broad Peak Appropriate for Kids Under 13?

Since Broad Peak has a certain amount of strong content in it, which includes body horror, gun violence, domestic violence, and torture, it is hard to say that the movie is suitable for kids under the age of 13 years because all of the strong content in the film might be heavily traumatic for the kids under the age of 13.

Broad Peak Country Wise Age Rating

Country Age Rating
United Kingdom15
United StatesTV-MA

Broad Peak includes

some k*ssing
String language
Drinking a*cohol
Smoking of ci*arette
Some S*xual scenes
Use of profanity.

Broad Peak

What’s the Meaning of the TV-MA Age Rating?

The TV-MA age rating is a classification system used to indicate how violent or explicit a television program is. It is unclear what the rating for TV-MA is, as it varies depending on the show. It may be appropriate for content that is 17 or older but might not be suitable for younger viewers.

Why Do Parents Need To Give Importance To The Age Rating?

  • All the movies have different content and screenplay, making them different from the others and ensuring the delivery of the content to the right age group.
  • Parents must pay closer attention while selecting a movie to watch in front of any child.
  • Banned Films Can Harm Children’s Minds, and It’s Time to Even the Playing Field
  • As children get influenced early by what they watch, parents need to be aware of the age ratings of the movie.
  • All the movies provide proper age ratings to advise the parents regarding avoidable content for their kids.

Broad Peak Cast & Character

Ireneusz CzopMaciej Berbeka
Maja OstaszewskaEwa Berbeka
Piotr GlowackiAlek Lwow
Lukasz SimlatKrzysztof Wielicki
Tomasz SaprykAndrzej Zawada
Dawid OgrodnikAdam Bielecki
Maciej RaniszewskiTomasz Kowalski
Maciej KuligArtur Malek
Kuba DyniewiczJan Berbeka

Where Can You Watch Broad Peak Online

Broad Peak is a new science fiction thriller that should be at the top of your list if you are seeking something Broad Peak to watch in this genre. On September 14, 2022, the movie Broad Peak will be made available to the public. If you want to view this movie online, your only option is to use the streaming service Netflix.

Broad Peak Rating on Rotten Tomato

Rating websites like IMDb and rotten tomatoes give us the required information regarding all the popular movies, which will help the audience decide to watch the movie. And still, there are few viewers who wanted to know about the rotten tomatoes ratings of the movie Broad Peak. For those viewers, we have analyzed the rotten tomatoes rating of Broad Peak, and the movie Broad Peak doesn’t have many positive ratings on rotten tomatoes. It has only 67% of the average audience score with around 50+ ratings.

Our Rating Of The Movie Broad Peak

In 1988, Maciej Berbeka succeeded in climbing Broad Peak during the winter for the first time, narrowly avoiding death. Twenty-four years later, he receives a phone call from Krzysztof Wielicki, who had also participated in the initial expedition. After much deliberation, Maciej makes a choice to make another attempt at ascending to the peak. This movie does not show anything more than what is presented here, even if the true tale is greater than what is presented.

Broad Peak is a Drama and Thriller movie that has been variously graded by audiences and review aggregates. We have watched all the movies in their Broad Peak and rated them a 7.5 out of 10. we think that The Broad Peak is a Drama and Thriller movie that is well worth watching.

Set Photos, Poster, and Promotional Images Of Broad Peak

Broad Peak Trailer

The trailer of the movie Broad Peak 2022 has already been released on the Youtube channel. If you like to watch Mountain climbing movies, it will be the best option. This movie will also release subtitles, so you can watch it with the help of subtitles.


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Frequently Ask Questions About Broad Peak

Is The movie Broad Peak rated?

Yes, Broad Peak is TV-MA rated.

Is Broad Peak on Netflix?

Yes, you can watch The Broad Peak on Netflix.

Is Broad Peak on Apple Tv?

No, Broad Peak is not available on Apple Tv.

Is Broad Peak on Disney?

No, Broad Peak is not available on Disney.

What is the age rating for Broad Peak ?

Broad Peak’s age rating is TV-MA.

What genre movie is Broad Peak ?

Broad Peak belongs to the Comedy Adventure, Biography, and Drama genre.

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