Breaking age rating | Who is it suitable for?

The breaking movie was released in the United States by Bleecker Street on August 26, 2022. Breaking is a film that generally received positive reviews. It provides a new perspective on the thriller genre and offers viewers a new experience.

It will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end. This makes it an interesting film to watch and could be a good suspenseful movie for those who enjoy thrillers. You will find out the Age rating and movie ratings of Breaking before watching the movie; go through the article and know all the details related to Breaking.

Breaking Movie Overview

In the following paragraphs, we will list some essential information regarding Breaking. It is my sincere hope that it will be of use to you.

Breaking Info

Breaking (2022)

  • Movie Name: Breaking
  • Writer: Abi Damaris Corbin, Kwame Kwei-Armah
  • Director: Abi Damaris Corbin
  • Cast: John Boyega, Nicole Beharie, Selenis Leyva
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Music: Michael Abels
  • Production: Salmira Productions, Little Lamb, UpperRoom Productions
  • Producer: Salman Al-Rashid, Elena Bawiec, Mackenzie Fargo
  • Cinematographer: Doug Emmett
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Original Language: English
  • Available Languages: English
  • Filming locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Available On: Amazon Prime
  • Release Date: August 26, 2022

Parents Guide for Breaking

Parents’ Guide of Breaking will give the parents clear discrimination on the avoidable content of the movie, which is not suitable for the kids to watch, and Breaking has the age rating of PG 13. It includes different s*x, nudity scenes, drug use, and some violent activities, so it needs to be avoided by kids of age group 13 and below.

Storyline Of Breaking

John Boyega even resembles Denzel Washington, and he imitates the borrowed mannerisms and speech patterns that Washington executes with gusto. For the very last time, Michael Kenneth Williams demonstrates why the character artistry he brought to the stage will be sorely missed.

When Marine Veteran Brian Brown-Easley is denied support from Veterans Affairs, he takes a bank and many of the bank’s employees hostage. This sets the stage for a heated encounter with the authorities later on. Real events inspire the plot.

The picture is finally rescued by the stellar work of its three leads, Beharie, Williams, and notably Boyega. John Boyega’s character goes from contemplation to wrath in the midst of a gripping thriller.

Breaking Movie Age Rating?

Breaking is a good movie that fans and critics have loved since the film was created by our beloved Russo brothers, who have given the world a great film. The directors of this movie are well focused on making movies for the masses, which is why Breaking is a movie for the masses, meaning it has been rated PG-13, which means that people above the age of 13 can easily watch this movie.

Release Date Of Breaking Movie

The breaking movie series on Amazon prime was released on August 26, 2022. The series is well-done and offers a lot of entertainment for those looking for something new to watch. A Breaking movie series is a great option.

What Is The Runtime Of Breaking Movie

Breaking is a movie that clocks in at 1 hour and 43 minutes. This makes it a great choice for shorter movie sessions or for people who want to spend less time on a movie. The movie is fun and fast, and its short runtime gives you plenty of opportunities for the movie.

Breaking Movie OTT Release date

In recent years, the release of movies on OTT platforms has become increasingly popular. This is due to the fact that OTT platforms offer a wider range of movies than traditional theaters. The movie “Breaking” is set to be released on an OTT platform on August 26, 2022, on Amazon Prime.

Review of Breaking

The narrative of Breaking, inspired by real events, centers on Brian (John Boyega), a former Marine who is having difficulty adjusting to civilian life after being medically dismissed from the military due to an injury. One of the elements of the film that I enjoy the most is the direction that Abi Damaris Corbin did.

Brian Brown-Easley, a war veteran who is having difficulty with day-to-day life, is portrayed by John Boyega, who also stars in the film. This powerful story has been told in a way that does it justice, and it also manages to keep things moving and engaging throughout. This serves as one last reminder of how Michael Kenneth Williams made every role he played his own and improved the quality of every show and movie he appeared in.

The narrative packs such a punch that you can’t help but be moved to reflect on life and the world around you as you read it. In addition to that, the acting in and of itself is outstanding! I was moved to tears by literally every aspect of this movie. If you are interested in being provoked to think more deeply and critically about the world we live in, then I strongly recommend you watch it!

Breaking Rating on IMDb

The movie Breaking came out on August 26, 2022, and fans were curious about this new movie Breaking and were eager to know how well the movie would appear. Breaking, who watched the movie has responded with many positive reviews. The movie is rated 6.3/10 on IMDb, which clarifies that the new movie series on amazon prime is pretty good and entertaining.

What Parents Need To Know Before Going To Watch With Their Kids

When parents are watching any movie or series with their underage children, they need to pay attention to the content of the movie as the movie involving extreme violence and drug, alcohol use or any nudity science can leave a bad impact on the children, so before watching any movie or series, parents need have the clear awareness about the age rating of the movie.

Tips for Parents Guides

Be open to discussing the content of the movie or television show with your children. This will help you.

  • Always be sure to check the movie’s or show’s age rating before watching it.
  • First, look for review sites that specialize in Breaking-friendly movies.
  • Don’t be afraid to let your kids express their feelings.
  • It is important to be aware of the content of the film and whether or not it is appropriate for your child.
  • Come to an understanding of the amount of time that may be spent sitting around watching movies.
  • Start with G-rated movies: It is important for parents to start with G-rated movies and then move on to PG and PG-13 ratings as children get older.

Is Breaking a perfect movie for the kid?

Breaking is an inspirational movie about a man named Forrest, who didn’t let his disabilities affect him and lived beyond his disabilities. Still, the movie is unsuitable for kids as it contains a few scenes involving nudity, drug use, and war violence. So kids aged 13 and below should avoid watching this movie.

Breaking Movies Country Wise Age Rating

CountryAge Rating
FranceTous publics
United Kingdom15
United StatesPG-13

Breaking Movie includes

  • D*inking a*cohol
  • Smoking of c*garette
  • No S*x & p*ofanity
  • some k*ssing
  • String language

Harsh Language And Profanity in Breaking

  • Mild uses of s*it.
  • B*stard.
  • b*tch.
  • A*s.
  • D*mn.
  • w*ore.

What’s The Meaning Of The PG- 13 Age Rating?

The movie Breaking has an age rating of PG- 13, which means kids below the age group of 13 should not watch the film as it contains scenes unsuitable for them. Hence, parents need to know about all this avoidable content before playing the movie in front of their underage kids.

Why Do Parents Need To Give Importance To The Age Rating?

  • All the movies provide proper age ratings to advise the parents regarding avoidable content for their kids.
  • Movies containing illegal content can disturb the child’s minds, and they can also learn unnecessary things from them.
  • Parents need to be aware of R-rated movies and should not allow their kids to watch such films.
  • Parents need to be aware of R-rated movies and should not allow their kids to watch such films.
  • All the movies have different content and screenplay that make them different than the others, ensuring the delivery of the content to the right age group.

Breaking Movies Character & Cast

John BoyegaBrian Brown-Easley
Nicole BeharieEstel Valerie
Selenis LeyvaRosa Diaz
Michael Kenneth WilliamsEli Bernard
Connie BrittonLisa Larson
Michelle BernardBarricade Cop
Malcolm SmithTrevor Easley
Joyce GreenleafIda Jones
Angelina RamirezStation Attendant
Anthony D. WashingtonMobile Dispatcher

Where Can You Watch Breaking Online

You have arrived at the right location if you are seeking a means to watch Breaking online and are looking for a streaming service. This page will include information on where you may watch the movie online as well as instructions on how to do so. Amazon prime is the best streaming service to use in order to watch Breaking online.

Breaking Movies Rating on Rotten Tomato

Rotten Tomatoes provides users with a statistic on how well a film is reviewed. Fate About movie has an average audience score of 84% ratings and is one of the most popular series on Amazon Prime. The series has a high average audience score because it is well-written and has interesting storylines.

Our Rating Of The Movie Breaking

Breaking is one of the more recent movies that occur almost entirely in a single setting. This film, which is based on a true tale, follows Brian Brown-Easley as he attempts to become a regular citizen again after returning from active duty in the military. This performance from John Boyega should earn him some award consideration.

Breaking is a Thriller movie that audiences and review aggregates have variously graded. We have watched all of the movies in their genre and rated them on a scale of 8.5 out of 10. We have also included our thoughts on each one. We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we did making it.

Set Photos, Poster, and Promotional Images For Breaking Movie

Breaking Movies Trailer

Breaking Movie released the trailer on August 26, 2022, on Rotten Tomatoes Trailers Youtube Chanel. The movie has received much positive feedback from testers and fans alike and looks like an excellent addition to the market. However, You can enjoy the trailer below here.


We have gathered all the important details you need to know about the movie Breaking in this article, and we hope you found all the necessary details you have been looking for. And if you wish to know more about the movie Breaking and its upcoming sequel, stay updated with our website. And we will be posting a few more articles regarding the upcoming sequel of this movie, so enjoy reading them on amazfeed and sharing this article with different people.

Frequently Ask Questions About Breaking

What streaming service has One Way?

You can stream One Way On Amazon Prime.

Is Breaking on Prime Video?

Yes, you can watch Pirates on Amazon Prime.

Is The Breaking on Netflix Video?

No, Breaking is not available on Netflix.

What is the age rating for Breaking ?

Breaking’s age rating is PG13.

Is Breaking on Disney?

No, Breaking is not available on Disney.

Is The movie Breaking rated?

Yes, Breaking is rated PG-13.

What genre movie is Breaking ?

Breaking belongs to the Crime, Drama, and Thriller genres.

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