Aziz Alasmar Wiki, Aziz Alasmar’ Family, Career, Relationship, Net Worth & Death Explained

In the social media realm, Aziz or Yazan Alasmar was a popular figure for his funny videos and content, his happy-go-lucky nature personality and his YouTube content that majorly leaned towards making funny content.

Read this article further to know more about Yazan Alasmar aka Aziz Alasmar, his life as an influencer, his net worth and relationship status and more.

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Aziz Alasmar was a popular YouTuber and social media influencer. He is also called by a different name as Al-Asmar and Aziz. His comic posts and videos were quite popular in Saudi Arabia and he was known as ‘al-Qazm’, which is the meaning of Dwarf in Arabic. He was born in 1990-1991 in Riyadh.

His followers are quite fond of him as he makes them laugh and smile with his expressions and witty content. He has thousands of followers on different social media handles.

He suffered from a hormonal disorder and a genetic disease but has passed away unfortunately as the treatments didn’t work in favour of his health. He was suffering from health issues for a while due to his height and other physical ailments.

Who is Aziz alasmar' partner
NameAziz Alasmar
Date of birth1990-1991
Place of birthDubai
OccupationSocial Media Star
Height3 Feet
Weight16 kg
InstagramClick here

What is Aziz Alasmar’ age?

Aziz alasmar born in 1990-91, would be 31 years old in 2024 if he was alive. He passed away due to health issues and a genetic disorder in 2023 when he was 30 years old. He is survived by his wife and his child, who was just a month old when he passed away.

He passed away in 2023 due to continuing health issues and hormonal issues leading to a genetic disorder. Many treatments undertaken by him were met with no Vail and he passed away as his health failed miserably.

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Who is Aziz alasmar’ partner?

Aziz Alasmar, also dearly known as Yazan Alasmar, was known for his comic videos and content uploaded on social media and YouTube. His lifestyle was quite luxurious and he is survived by his wife, Marima Aziz.

He was popularly known as the little Shaikh of Dubai due to his short height because of dwarfism. Yazan Alasmar’s wife is Marima Aziz. And she is also reportedly a TikTok, YouTuber and social media influencer hailing from Dubai.

She often posts her pictures and videos with that of Aziz and has the appearance of a model. Her private details like her family background, height, and weight are unknown to the public.

Where is Aziz Alasmar now?

Unfortunately, Aziz Alasmer is dead and he passed away due to his continuous deteriorating physical health conditions that were caused due to a rare genetic disorder and hormonal issues.

He passed away in January 2023 and is survived by his wife, Marima Aziz and a kid of their own. He is from Dubai and is a follower of Islam. He used to work in corporate companies after completing his degree before venturing into the influencing world of social media.

He was also a famous YouTuber in Dubai for creating funny and comical videos and posts, making people adore him for his witty showcases and performances on camera.

Aziz alasmar Net worth

Aziz Alasmar’s Death Explained

Azia Alasmar was called as al-Qazm which is translated as Dwarf in Arabic. Owning to his height and other hormonal issues, he was diagnosed with a genetic disorder and was going through adequate and necessary medical treatments to cure his physical ailments.

But to everyone’s dismay, he passed away in 2023 due to deteriorating health conditions and other factors that were not revealed to the public.

What is Aziz Alasmar famous for?

Aziz Lasmar was famous for his personality in social media and also as an upcoming influencer who had a lot of potential in him, to become one of the popular social celebs of Dubai.

He led an influential and luxurious life in Dubai and was content with his life leading it through his social media presence bringing in smiles and laughs to whoever watches his content.

Family Background

More details about his family background are unknown and not disclosed to the public’s eyes. More information regarding his parent’s lifestyle, name and profession are kept private though Aziz is a well-known social media figure.

Personal life

He completed his degree from a local university in Dubai and is a follower of Islam. He was popularly known for his social media content and had quite a following on YouTube.

He was born around 1990-91 as per some reports, and passed away when he was 30 years old. Some other reports state that he was born in 1995. As some details are quite inconsistent online, it is hard to state facts without original information.


Aziz was married to Marima Aziz and had a child of their own. But to everyone’s shock and dismay, he passed away when the baby was one month old.

Nominations and Honours

He used to work for the corporate sector in Dubai but dropped it to pursue his passions and interests in influencing and social media content creation.

He saw a blooming future for himself in the social media field by creating comic content and videos gaining much attention for his witty responses and expressions.

Award Winnings

Details regarding his venture into YouTube, and social media handles are not revealed publicly. His awards, nominations and other accolades are not disclosed to the public and most often, he was seen by way of content and anything personal wasn’t revealed to the media.

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Aziz alasmar Net worth 2024

Azia Alasmar’s net worth was estimated to be 1.5 million dollars in 2023, before his demise. The income can be calculated by way of his earnings through various sources of income and investments made.

His major source was YouTube and social media content, where he was popular for the funny content in Dubai. He has a total of about 1.2 million followers on Instagram and his wife, Marima Aziz also has a huge following on social media.

FAQ About Aziz alasmar

1. Who is Aziz alasmar?

Aziz Alasmar was a popular YouTuber and social media influencer. He is also called by a different name as Al-Asmar and Aziz.

2. When did Aziz alasmar was born?

He was born in 1990-1991 in Riyadh.

3. Did Aziz alasmar really died?

Aziz Alasmer is dead and he passed away due to his continuous deteriorating physical health conditions that were caused due to a rare genetic disorder and hormonal issues.

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