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Before watching any movie, the audience should be aware of certain things such as the age rating of the movie, parents’ Guide, and reviews which will give you a clear picture of the movie’s content. For the audience, we have gathered all such details in one article, so continue reading this article and find out every necessary information about the popular movie Austin Powers.

Austin Powers Movie Overview

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Austin Powers Movie Quick Info

Austin Powers Movie (1997)

  • Movie Name: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
  • Writer: Mike Myers
  • Director: Jay Roach
  • Cast: Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley, Michael York
  • Genre: Adventure, Comedy
  • Music: George S. Clinton
  • Production: Cynthia Charette
  • Producer: Mike Myers, Demi Moore, Jennifer Todd
  • Cinematographer: Peter Deming
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Origin Language: English
  • Available Languages: English
  • Filming locations: Santa Clarita, California, USA
  • Available On: Amazon Prime Video
  • Release Date: May 2, 1997

Storyline Of Austin Powers

Austin Powers is a secret agent from the 1960s who was cryogenically frozen and thawed out in the 1990s. Powers experience a drastically altered reality.

To Austin’s dismay, society has become less sexually obsessed. Despite the fact that he is operating in a new decade, his goal has not changed. Together with the time-frozen Vanessa Kensington, he plans to defeat the villainous Dr. Evil.

When Dr. Evil realizes it’s the 1990s, he’ll want 100 billion USD in payment for the nuclear weapon he stole. Is this man’s sanity beyond Austin Powers’ ability to restore? Will he avoid being apprehended by Evil’s minions, who go by names like “Alotta Fagina” and “Random Task,” or will he be one of them? The future is yet unknown.

Parents Guide for Austin Powers

Parents Guide of Austin Powers will give the parents clear discrimination on the avoidable content of the movie, which is not suitable for the kids to watch and as Austin Powers movie has the age rating of PG 13. It includes different s*x scenes, nudity scenes, and drug use, and it also contains some violent activities, so it needs to be avoided by kids of age group 13 and below.

Tips for Parents Guides

  • First, look for review sites that specialize in family-friendly movies.
  • Consider the age of your children and choose to program accordingly.
    It is important to be aware of the content of the film and whether or not it is appropriate for your child.
  • Always be sure to check the movie’s or show’s age rating before watching it.
  • Be aware of what your child is watching. It is important to be familiar with the content of the movie before allowing your child to watch it.
  • Pick movies that your children will enjoy. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is important to remember that not all movies are appropriate for children.
  • Start with G-rated movies: It is important for parents to start with G-rated movies and then move on to PG and PG-13 ratings as children get older.

What Parents Need To Know Before Going To Watch With Their Kids

When parents are watching any movie or series with their underage children, they need to pay attention to the content of the movie as the movie involving extreme violence and drug, alcohol use or any nudity science can leave a bad impact on the children, so before watching any movie or series, parents need have the clear awareness about the age rating of the movie.

Austin Powers Movie Age Rating?

The movie Austin has an age rating of PG-13, which means parents should not be allowed to watch the movie for kids age 13 and below as it contains inappropriate scenes for the kids.

Austin Powers Movies Country Wise Age Rating

CountryAge Rating
United StatesTV-13
United Kingdom15

Austin Powers Movie includes

  • No Sx & Nudity. kissing. some s*ual
  • Smoking.
  • Strong Violence Scenes.
  • Some drinking.
  • use of alcohol.

Harsh Language And Profanity in Mission

  • A total of four times the word “f*ickin” appears.
  • In this context, Shag is employed.
  • There were 6 occurrences of “Frickin'” (used in place of the f-bomb),
  • 3 “s” words, 2 “h*lls,” 1 “as” word, and 1 “a*shole.”

Violence & Gore In Austin Powers Movies

A hitman creeps up on Austin in a bathroom stall and tries to strangle him, but Austin fights back and manages to remove the garrote wire off his neck. He then takes the man by the torso, forcing the man’s head down the toilet, drowning him.

It’s true that the scene’s action is a little bit tense, but it’s short and comical in the end.

While out clubbing, Austin slaps a woman who turns out to be a man in drag and an agent of Dr. Evil.

Austin presses the man’s crotch to the penis enlarger pump and the man begins to choke Austin.

An assassin’s head is fatally caught in a sea bass-filled pool.

What’s The Meaning Of The PG- 13 Age Rating?

The movie Austin has an age rating of PG- 13, which means kids below the age group of 13 should not watch the film as it contains scenes unsuitable for them. Hence, parents need to know about all this avoidable content before playing the movie in front of their underage kids.

Why Do Parents Need To Give Importance To The Age Rating?

  • All the movies provide proper age ratings to advise the parents regarding avoidable content for their kids.
  • Parents need to be aware of R-rated movies and should not allow their kids to watch such films.
  • As children get influenced early by what they watch, parents need to be aware of the age ratings of the movie.
  • Movies containing illegal content can disturb the child’s minds, and they can also learn unnecessary things from them.
  • Parents must pay closer attention while selecting a movie to watch in front of any child.
  • Movies containing violence, sexual activities, drug use, and other avoidable content come with a warning, and parents must pay attention to such films and select wisely.

Release Date Of Austin Powers Movie

The movie Austin is pretty old but still very popular. The movie was released on 2 May 1997, and many people enjoy watching this movie

What Is The Runtime Of the Austin Powers Movie

The runtime of Austin is 1 hour and 29 minutes. This means that the movie will have a shorter length than some of the other popular films that have been released recently. However, it is still long enough to tell an interesting story and keep audiences engaged.

Austin Powers Movie OTT Release date

The movie will hit theatres on May 2, 1997, and Dan Trachtenberg will be in charge of directing it. Hulu, a well-known over-the-top (OTT) streaming network in the United States, will serve as the exclusive launcher for Austin Powers. Mark the date on your calendar and get ready to go on another voyage packed with exciting experiences.

Where Can You Watch Austin Powers Online

You have arrived at the right location if you are seeking a means to watch Austin online and are looking for a streaming service. This page will include information on where you may watch the game online as well as instructions on how to do so. HULU is the best streaming service to use in order to watch Austin online.

Review of Austin Powers

A famous spoof with many hilarious moments. Austin provides the expected hilarity of spy movies. (Many allusions to the James Bond series) Although the film has a number of stunning women, none is more impressive than Elizabeth Hurley. It’s sharp, hilarious, steamy, and totally fantastic.

Austin Powers Movies Rating on IMDb

Many people who watch the movie live their reviews on IMDb, whether negative or positive. These reviews will be helpful for those audiences who haven’t watched the movie yet, as they will give them a clear picture of whether the movie is worth watching. The movie Austin has an IMDb rating of 7.0/10, and around 239K IMDb users have given this vote.

Austin Powers Movies Rating on Rotten Tomato

People are very satisfied with this new predator movie, Austin Powers, and are dropping positive reviews all over the internet. On rotten tomatoes, the series has 73% of Tomatometer around 67 reviews and 77% of average audience score that is 250,000+ ratings and as the scores are not less than 73% which proves that the scores are fresh.

Our Rating Of The Movie Austin Powers

When it comes to movies, Austin is Mike Myers’s masterpiece. They do a great job of sending up the James Bond films, and the character is a lot of fun to see.
Robert Wagner, Elizabeth Hurley, Michael York, and Myers himself all turn into strong performances as villains in the film. This film is fantastic fun and still funny today.
We give it a perfect score of 8 out of 10 stars.

Austin Powers Movies Character & Cast

Mike MyersAustin Powers / Dr. Evil
Elizabeth HurleyVanessa Kensington
Michael YorkBasil Exposition
RogersMrs. Kensington
Robert WagnerNumber Two
Seth GreenScott Evil
Fabiana UdenioAlotta Fagina
Mindy SterlingFrau Farbissina
Paul DillonPatty O’Brien
Charles NapierCommander Gilmour
Will FerrellMustafa

Set Photos, Poster, Promotional Images Of Austin Powers Movie

Austin Powers Movies Trailer

In 1997, Austin Powers was released and almost immediately became a classic. The tale of a humble guy who possessed a tremendous amount of compassion moved people on every continent to tears. The movie was a financial triumph at the box office and was nominated for numerous Academy Awards. On our website, you can find the Austin Powers movie trailer that you may view.


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Frequently Ask Questions About Austin Powers

Is Austin Powers on Prime Video?

Yes, you can watch Pirates on Amazon Prime

What genre movie is Austin Powers?

Austin Powers belongs to the Adventure, Comedy, and Fantasy genres.

Is The movie Austin Powers rated?

Yes, Austin Powers is Pg-13 rated.

Is Austin Powers on Netflix?

Yes, you can watch The Austin Powers on Netflix

What is the age rating for Austin Powers?

Austin Powers’s age rating is PG13.

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